How to boost your immune system

These are things I started doing daily and I haven’t been sick in a long time. You have to be consistent with these things and try to incorporate as many as possible in your daily life (I promise it’s not hard or time-consuming).

Stay hydrated

You’ve heard it before and I don’t want to sound like a broken record but you really shouldn’t skip your water. Water gets everything in your body flowing and working properly. It helps with flushing out toxins and the body’s natural detox system. It alkalizes the body and in that way, no diseases and viruses can thrive in your system + it improves the skin, hair and nails, and who doesn’t want that? 

If you don’t like the taste of water, add some lemon or cucumber for some extra hydration properties. 

I am not going to say how much water you should drink because everybody is different and you should see for yourself but I drink at least 2 litres of water daily and it’s doing wonders.

Pro tip: add a pinch of pink himalayan salt to your first glass of water inthe morning for increased hydration.

Eat plants!

Simple as that, eat as much plants as possible and ditch the meat and dairy. A diet consisting of mostly fruits, vegetables and seeds is proven to be the most efficent for optimal health and boosting immunity.

Foods like kale, garlic, seeds, avocados, citrus fruit and quinoa are great foods for boosting the immune system.

I can assure you, if you change your diet and start eating more foods rich in vitamins and minerals (raw fruits and vegetables) you will see a drastic change in your mood, gut health, appearance and health in general, no downsides to this.

Of course, see for yourselves if a plant based diet works for you, but at least try to incorporate as much greens as possible


Moving your body on a daily basis is crucial for a strong and healthy body. Whether it is a 10 minute HIIT session, a relaxing yoga flow or just something as simple as a walk or a run, will do the trick. 

These days I opt for some workout challenges and some yoga/stretchy workouts. 


So, I am an advocate to make your diet as wholesome as possible soyou don’t even need any supplements. But in this period where yourimmune system has to be extra strong, supplements won’t do any harm. 

Load up on vitamin C, D, magnesium and antioxidants and if you are not a fan of taking multiple pills, try to find a multivitamin supplement so you are all set to go. 

Some more liquids

We already touched on the importance of water and general liquid intake, but why not spice up things in the form of something delicious? 

Teas, lattes and smoothies are great for upping your liquid intake and sneaking in some extra vitamins, adaptogens and maybe even some vegetables. 

Green tea is awesome overall, nettle tea and dandelion root teas are great for detoxing the liver and clearing the blood and if you are not a big fan of herbal teas like I am, you can always choose a ginger-lemon-honey tea, it’s known for helping combat the flu and for its high content of vitamin C. 

If you are a fan of lattes, you could try the famous golden milk latte made from turmeric. It’s amazing for killing inflammation in the body(use dairy-free milk in that case because dairy milk is on top of the list of high inflammation foods, yikes). 

Smoothies are so versitile and you can literally put anything in it. Sneaking vegetables like zucchini and spinach is great because you don’t taste it in there. I usually put a lot of seeds, adaptogenic powders, protein powder and all of the stuff I don’t like the taste of by itself, and mask the taste with some delicious fruit.


Since you can’t go out to party, please yourself with some immunity shots every morning. Popular ones are Ginger-lemon shots, Turmeric shots, Apple cider vinegar-lemon shots and many more. 

The deal with those is to have a shot glass of something really potent and vitamin-packed that you usually couldn’t drink for a long time and in big quantities because, let’s be honest, drinking apple cider vinegar is disgusting as it is. 

Almost every morning, after my big mug of green tea, I take an immunity shot and some elderberry syrup. Guaranteed, you will feel like you can conquer the world. 

To sum things up

You don’t have to do all of these things at once, just a small thing from this list can take you one step closer to your healthiest self. And what better time to improve than this while you are stuck at home? 

These things are a good addition to an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Make sure to take conscious decisions about your health, take good care about your hygiene and stay at home! 


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  1. Draga Valeria, oduševila me tvoja stranica,prvo što me se dojmilo je izgled stranice koji je tako profinjen i djeluje smirujuće. Ovdje će se naći puno interesantnih stvari, fotografije, recepti, tvoja iskustva…Mnoge zdrave namirnice koje ovdje spominješ koristim u svojoj kuhinji, baš me to jako veseli. Stranica je za preporučiti sada (banana bread na slici doista mami😊) a poznavajući te kao kreativnu i poduzetnu osobu mogu si zamisliti kako će biti čitana i biti prava Inspiration zum Backen.Veselim se tvojim narednim receptima i slikama.Viel Glück

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