Summer trends of 2020

Linen is a beautiful textile made out of flax plants and is light which makes it perfect for hot and sweaty summer days and nights. My favourite clothing piece made of this heavenly material are light coloured flowy pants. You can wear those with a white basic tee or a white crop top with some leather sandals, that’s just the perfect outfit for hot summer dinner dates.

Bras, bras and more bras
Dressing a bit more risque is a must after being in lockdown for months. Wearing tops accentuating our beautiful tatas or some fashionable but short crop tops are a must. As seen on this year’s fashion shows, designers like Christopher Kane and JW Anderson announced this trend for this summer and I ain’t mad about it.

Puff Sleeves
My style changed during my life and I have to tell you, when puffed sleeves where a thing back in 2017, I hated it so much. But now I absolutely love it. My favourite clothing piece from this trend is my white puffed sleeve off-white shirt that I thrifted 3 months ago. There is a wide variety of those tops in different colours on ASOS so feel free to try this trend: it is actually super cute!

This has to be my favourite trend of all time, not only for summer but for all-year-around. Monochromatic outfits look so fresh if done well, but the real star of this trend has to be the monochromatic makeup looks we see on every insta-fashion-mua. I am a makeup artist myself and I do those looks all the time because it gives such a neat and youthful look to the face, especially if the base is light and glowy.
Peachy eye looks connected to the blush on the cheeks with the matching lip colour(Nudestix products are a must-have in the multiuse department and is perfect for creating those kinds of looks), or even keeping it cool-toned with brown-ish shades can be worn in autumn too and will totally catch the eyes of others,

Pops, lines and chromes!
2020 is the year of ditching heavy foundation and letting it breathe. The focus is kept on the eyes but sometimes on the lips too. And we are not talking about classic reds even tho you can’t go wrong with that one. But vibrant hot pink lips are the statement colour of this hot and long-awaited summer.
If we go a little bit up the face, we come to the eyes who are stealing the show this year! Playing with graphic liners, brown and white liners are such a simple yet effective way to spice any look, add some natural lashes and you are good to go. Graphic liners are a banger but you will most definitely see some duochrome action going on on the eyes. I love pigments and shadows which look brown-ish on the first sight but if you flip them, they reflect beautiful not-everyday-colours like purple, green and blue.

Celebrity makeup artists like Patrick Ta and Nikkie Makeup are creating looks using these trends all the time and I can see why we love the trend so much.

The usual: timeless summer trends
I wasn’t going to mention this but I think it would be a crime not to. My all-time summer essentials are, of course, SPF (some good ones are Drunk elephant, kiehls, la roche posay), glowy body oil (lapiel, nuxe, sol body, Fenty beauty), hydration in and out(drink water and apply moisturizing creams and oils on your body especially after being in the sun), a variety of bikinis and a good book.

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